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Binding and Agreement in Distributed Coordinations

[In Proceedings of WCCFL 40]

The Comp-Trace Effect and Contextuality of the EPP

[In Proceedings of WCCFL 39]

On the Coordinate Structure Constraint, Islandhood, Phases, and Rescue by PF-deletion
[In George Fowler, James Lavine, and Ronald F. Feldstein (eds) A Festschrift for Steven Franks. Bloomington, IN: Slavica Publishers]


Wh&wh coordinations

[Ms., University of Connecticut]

Formalism and, not vs, Functionalism

[Ms., University of Connecticut]

On Wh and Subject Positions and the EPP

[Handout, GLOW in Asia XIII, The Chinese University of Hong Kong]

On the Limits of Across-the-Board Movement

[In Philosophies: Special Issue New Perspectives of Generative Grammar and Minimalism 7(1), 1-42]


On the (im)practicality of the state: Why do I have to have a country?

[In Günther Grewendorf (ed.), Chomsky on State and Democracy, 77-94, Nomos Verlag]

Merge, Move, and Contextuality of Syntax: The Role of Labeling, Successive-Cyclicity, and EPP Effect

[Ms., University of Connecticut]

Generalized Asymmetry

[In Peter Kosta and Katrin Schlund (eds.) Keynotes from the International Conference on Explanation and Prediction in Linguistics: Formalist and Functionalist Approaches, 15-77. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.]


On the impossibility of moving IPs and V2 clauses and labeling

[In Teodora Radeva-Bork and Peter Kosta (eds), Current Developments in Slavic Linguistics. Twenty Years After (based on selected papers from FDSL 11), 27-46. Berlin: Peter Lang.]

On smuggling, the freezing ban, labels, and tough-constructions

[In Adriana Belletti and Chris Collins (eds.) Smuggling in Syntax, 53-95. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

On The Coordinate Structure Constraint, Across-the-Board-Movement, Phases and Labeling

[In Jeroen van Craenenbroeck, Cora Pots, and Tanja Temmerman (eds.) Recent developments in Phase Theory, 133-182. Berlin: Mouton De Gruyter]

On Unifying the Coordinate Structure Constraint and the Adjunct Condition

[In A. Bárány, T. Biberauer, J. Douglas, and S. Vikner (eds.) Syntactic architecture and its consequences II : Between syntax and morphology (Open Generative Syntax 10). Language Sciences Press]

On the Syntax and Prosody of Verb Second and Clitic Second

[In Theresa Biberauer, Sam Wolfe, and Rebecca Woods (eds.) Rethinking Verb Second]


On the Coordinate Structure Constraint and Labeling

[In Proceedings of WCCFL 36, 71-80]

On the nature of language and linguistics: it's all just linguistics

[Handout, International Conference on Explanation and Prediction in Linguistics: Formalist and Functionalist Approaches, Universität Heidelberg]


On Pronouns, Clitic Doubling, and Argument Ellipsis: Argument Ellipsis as Predicate Ellipsis

[In English Linguistics 35: 1-37]

On Mixed Clausal Coordinations: Coordinating Finite CPs, ECM and Control Infinitive

[In Studies in Modern Grammar 100: 95-118]

On Affixal Articles: An Argument from Bantu for Bulgarian, Romanian, and Icelandic

[In S. Franks, V. Chidambaram, B. Joseph, and I. Krapova (eds.) Katerino Mome: Studies in Bulgarian Morphosyntax in Honor of Catherine Rudin]

On Movement out of Moved Elements, Labels, and Phases
[In Linguistic Inquiry 49: 247-282]

On Extraction out of Inherently Case-Marked Elements
[In Proceedings of FASL 25, 57-78]


Tone sandhi in Taiwanese and phasal spell-out

[In Gengo Kenkyu: Special Issue Generative Grammar: Issues on Movement 152: 31-58]

On clitic doubling and argument ellipsis
[In Proceedings of WCCFL 34, 97-106]

Extraction from Complex NPs and Detachment
[In M. Everaert and H. van Riemsdijk (eds.) The Companion to Syntax, second edition, 1541-1566. Wiley-Blackwell]

Derivational Economy in Syntax and Semantics
[in Mark Arnoff (ed.), Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics, Oxford University Press]



Getting really edgy: On the edge of the edge
[In Linguistic Inquiry 47: 1-33]

On the timing of labeling: Deducing comp-trace effects, the subject condition, the adjunct condition and tucking in from labeling
[In The Linguistic Review: Special Issue on Labels 33, 17-66]

What is sent to spell-out is phases, not phasal complements
[In Linguistica 56:25-56]

On second position clitics crosslinguistically
[In F. Marusic and R. Zaucer (eds.) Formal studies in Slovenian syntax, John Benjamins]

Contextual phasehood and the ban on extraction from complements of lexical heads: When does X become a phase?
[In M. Yasui and M. Mizuguchi (eds.) Phase theory and its consequences, 5-39. Kaitakusha, Tokyo]

Introduction: On Labels

[In The Linguistic Review: Special Issue on Labels 33, 1-16]


From the complex NP constraint to everything: On deep extractions across categories
[In The Linguistic Review (GLOW issue) 32:603-669]

Phrasal movement: Wh-movement
[In A. Fábregas, J. Mateu, and M. Putnam (eds.)The Handbook of Parameters. Bloomsbury.]

On prosodic boundaries
[In Formal Studies in Slavic Linguistics. Proceedings of Formal Description of Slavic Languages 10]

Deducing the Generalized XP Constraint from phasal spell-out
[Slavic Languages in the Perspective of Formal Gramar: Proceedings of FDSL 10.5, Brno 2014]

On the Semantics of the NP-Internal Word Order: Chinese vs Serbo-Croatian
[Slavic Languages in the Perspective of Formal Grammar: Proceedings of FDSL 10.5, Brno 2014]

On Multiple Left-Branch Dislocation: Multiple Extraction and/or Scattered Deletion?
[In Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics: The Berkeley Meeting 2014, 20-35. Michigan Slavic Publications, Ann Arbor]




Now I'm a phase, now I'm not a phase: On the variability of phases with extraction and ellipsis
[In Linguistic Inquiry 45]

The Turkish NP
(with Serkan Şener)
[In Crosslinguistic studies on nominal reference: With and Without Articles, ed. by Patricia Cabredo Hofherr and Anne Zribi-Hertz, 102-140. Leiden: Brill.]

More on the edge of the edge
[InFormal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics: The MacMaster Meeting, 2013, 44-66. Michigan Slavic Publications, Ann Arbor]


Phases beyond clauses
[In Nominal Constructions in Slavic and Beyond, ed by L. Schürcks,  A. Giannakidou, U. Etxeberria, and P. Kosta, 75-128.]

Principles & Parameters Theory and Minimalism
[In The Cambridge handbook of generative syntax, ed. by M. den Dikken]

Adjectival escapades
[In Proceedings of FASL 21, 1-25.]

On word order, binding relations, and plurality in Chinese Noun Phrases
(with I-Ta Chris Hsieh)
[In Studies in Polish Linguistics 8, 173-204]

Traces do not head islands:  What can PF deletion rescue?
[In Y. Miyamoto, D. Takahashi, H. Maki, M. Ochi, K. Sugisaki, and A. Uchibori (eds.) Deep insights, broad perspectives: Essays in honor of Mamoru Saito, 56-93. Kaitakusha, Tokyo]


Don't feed your movements when you shift your objects
[In Ways of structure building, ed. by M. Uribe-Etxebarria and V. Valmala, 245-252.]

When are negative imperatives banned?
[In Selected papers from SinFonIJA 3, ed. by S. Halupka-Rešetar, M. Marković, T. Milićev, and N. Milićević, 6-17.]

On word order, binding relations, and plurality within Chinese NPs 
[with I-Ta Chris Hsieh: In Proceedings of IsCLL 13]

On NPs and Clauses
[In Discourse and grammar: From sentence types to lexical categories, ed  by G. Grewendorf and T. E. Zimmermann, 179-242.]


Last resort with Move and Agree in derivations and representations
[In The Handbook of Linguistic Minimalism, ed. by C. Boeckx]

Rescue by PF deletion, traces as (non)-interveners, and the that-trace effect
[In Linguistic Inquiry 42]

On valued uninterpretable features
[In Proceeding of NELS 39]

Semantic corelates of the NP/DP parameter
(with Jon Gajewski)
[In Proceeding of NELS 39]


Conjunct-sensitive agreement: Serbo-Croatian vs Russian<
[In FDSL 7.5]



On Leo Tolstoy, its structure, Case, left-branch extraction, and prosodic inversion
[In Linguist's Linguist: Studies in South Slavic Linguistics in Honor of E. Wayles Browne, ed. by S. Franks, V. Chidambaram, and B. Joseph, 99-122, Slavica. ]

More on the no-DP analysis of article-less languages
[In Studia Linguistica 63: 187-203 ]

Licensing negative constituents and negative concord
[In Proceeding of NELS 38 ]

On relativization strategies and resumptive pronouns
[In Proceedings FDSL 7]

Unifying first and last conjunct agreement 
[In Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 27: 455-496]

[In The Slavic Languages, ed. by T. Berger, K. Gutschmidt, S. Kempgen, and P. Kosta. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter]

The NP/DP analysis and Slovenian
[In Proceeding of the University of Novi Sad Workshop on Generative Syntax 1 , 53-73]


On Successive Cyclic Movement and the Freezing Effect of Feature Checking
[In J. Hartmann, V. Hegedus, H. van Riemsdijk (eds.) Sounds of Silence: Empty Elements in Syntax and Phonology, 195-233.Elsevier North Holland/Amsterdam]

On the Clausal and NP Structure of Serbo-Croatian
[In Proceedings of FASL 15 ]

What will you have, DP or NP?
[In Proceedings of NELS 37 ]

On two types of negative constituents and negative concord
[In Proceedings of FDSL 6.5: 9-35 ]

On the operator freezing effect
[final version appeared in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 26: 249-287]


Agree, Phases, and Intervention Effects
[final version published in Linguistic Analysis 33:54-96]

Don't feed your movements: Object shift in Icelandic
[In Working Papers in Scandinavian Syntax 80: 1-15]

On the locality and motivation of Move and Agree: An even more minimal theory
[final version appeared in Linguistic Inquiry 38: 589-644]

A Note on Wh-Typology
[In Proceedings of FDSL 6 : 159-170]

The Copy Theory of Movement: A view from PF
[In The copy theory of movement , ed. by N. Corver and J. Nunes]


Case and agreement with genitive of quantification in Russian
[In C. Boeckx (ed.) Agreement systems, 99-121. John Benjamins, Amsterdam/Philadelphia ]

Case checking vs. case assignment and the case of adverbial NPs
[final version published in Linguistic Inquiry 37: 522-533


Left branch extraction, structure of NP, and scrambling
[appeared in J. Sabel and M. Saito (eds.) The free word order phenomenon: Its syntactic sources and diversity , 13-73. Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin

On the Locality of Move and Agree: Eliminating the Activation Condition,
Generalized EPP, Inverse Case Filter, and Phase-Impenetrability Condition

[appeared in University of Connecticut Occasional Papers 3 ]

Null C in English as an enclitic
[appeared in Lingvisticki Vidici 34: 39-57

On the locality of left branch extraction and the structure of NP
[published in Studia Linguistica 59: 1-45]


Clitic placement in South Slavic
[final version published in Journal of Slavic Linguistics . 12: 37-90]

Object shift and the clause/PP parallelism hypothesis
[ Proceedings of the West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics 23, 99-112. Sommervile, Mass.: Cascadilla Press]

Be careful where you float your quantifiers
[published in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 22: 681-742]

PF merger in stylistic fronting and object shift
[final version published in Minimality effects in syntax , ed. by A. Stepanov, G. Fanselow, and R. Vogel, 37-71.] Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter]

Topicalization, focalization, lexical insertion, and scrambling
[final version published in Linguistic Inquiry 35: 613-638]

On the clitic switch in Greek imperatives
[final version published in Balkan syntax and semantics , ed. by O. Mišeska Tomi?, 269-291. Amsterdam: John Benjamins]

Two notes on right node raising
[In  University of Connecticut Working. Papers in Linguistics 12: 13-24]


On the distribution of null complementizers
[with H. Lasnik, final version published in Linguistic Inquiry 34: 527-546]

On Wh-islands and obligatory Wh-movement contexts in South Slavic
[ final version published in Multiple wh-fronting, ed. by C. Boeckx and K. Grohmann, 27-50. Amsterdam: John Benjamins]

On the interpretation of multiple questions
[final version published in Linguistic Variation Yearbook 1: 1-15]


A-movement and the EPP
[published in Syntax 5: 167-218]

Expletives don't move
[ Proceedings of the North East Linguistic Society 32, 21-40. Amherst: University of Massachusetts, GLSA]

On multiple Wh-fronting
[ final version published in Linguistic Inquiry 33: 351-383]

On certain differences between Bulgarian and Serbo-Croatian C(P)
[ final version published in Balkanistica 15: 35-48]

Clitics as non-branching elements and the Linear Correspondence Axiom
[final version published in Linguistic Inquiry 33: 329-340]

Split constituents within NP in the history of English: commentary on Allen
[final version published in Syntactic effects of morphological change , ed. by D. Lightfoot, 81-87. Oxford: Oxford University Press]


[Published in North-Holland Linguistic Series: Linguistic Variations Volume 60]


Sometimes in SpecCP, sometimes in-situ
[final version published in Step by step: Essays on minimalism in honor of Howard Lasnik, ed. by R. Martin, D. Michaels, and J. Uriagereka, 53-87. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press]


On multiple feature checking: multiple Wh-fronting and multiple head-movement
[final version published in Working Minimalism, ed. by S. Epstein and N. Hornstein, 159-187]

How Strict is the Cycle?
[ with Howard Lasnik, final version published in Linguistic Inquiry 30: 691-703]


LF movement and the Minimalist Program
[Proceedings of theNorth East Linguistic Society 28, 43-57. Amherst: University of Massachusetts, GLSA]