Teaching & Advising

I teach graduate and undergraduate courses in Linguistics. In recent years, the courses I have
taught include LING 2010Q, LING 5510, LING 5520, and LING 6530.


Graduate Advisees


My current major Ph.D. advisees include:

Akihiko Arano

Hiroaki Saito

Sarah Asinari

Si Kai Lee

Ivana Jovović

Penelope Daniel

Rebecca Lewis

Ari Goertzel

James Canne

Tarcisio Dias

Zixi Liu

Qiushi Chen

Walter Shaw

Mingjiang Chen

Pravaal Yadav

Students who have completed the Ph.D. under my supervision include:

Cedric Boeckx (2001) Mechanisms of chain formation. Current affiliation: The Catalan Institute for Advanced Studies and Universitat de Barcelona (formerly Harvard University).

Penka Stateva (2002) How different are different degree constructions? Current affiliation: University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia (formerly Humboldt University, Berlin).

Emma Ticio (2003) On the structure of DPs. Current affiliation: Syracuse University (formerly University of Houston).

Klaus Abels (2003) Successive cyclicity, anti-locality, and adposition stranding. Current affiliation: University College London.

Fumikazu Niinuma (2003) The syntax of honorification. Current affiliation: Kotchi Gakuen University, Japan.

Mariana Lambova (2004) On information structure and clausal architecture: Evidence from Bulgarian (co-supervised). Deceased.

Lara Reglero (2004) On A’ dependencies in Spanish and Basque. Current affiliation: Florida State University.

Duk-Ho An (2007) Syntax at the PF interface.  Current affiliation: Konkuk University, Seoul (formerly University of Toronto).

Miguel Rodríguez-Mondonedo (2007) The syntax of objects: Agree and differential object marking.  Current affiliation: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (formerly Indiana University).

Simona Herdan (2008) Degrees and amounts in relative clauses. Current affiliation: Oracle Corporation (formerly University of Toronto).

Pei-Jung Kuo (2009) IP internal movement and topicalization (co-supervised). Current affiliation: National Chiayi University, Taiwan.

Natalia Fitzgibbons (2010) Licensers and meanings: Structural properties of dependent indefinites. (Formerly Concordia University Montreal)

Nina Radkevich (2010) On location: The structure of case and adpositions.  Current affiliation: University of York (formerly Harvard University)

Serkan Sener (2010) (Non-)peripheral matters in Turkish syntax. Current affiliation: Yeditepe University, Istanbul.

Miloje Despić (2011) Syntax in the absence of Determiner Phrase. Current affiliation: Cornell University.

Masahiko Takahashi (2011) Some theoretical consequences of case-marking in Japanese. Current affiliation: Yamagata University, Japan.

Cynthia Zocca DeRoma (2011) Divide et impera - separating operators from their variables. Current affiliation: University of Connecticut.

Ana Claudia Bastos-Gee (2011) Information structure within the traditional nominal phrase: The case of Brazilian Portuguese. Current affiliation: University of Connecticut.

Helen Koulidobrova (2012) Why choose a language and what happens if you don’t: Evidence from bimodal bilinguals (co-supervised). Current affiliation: Central Connecticut State University.

Julio Villa García (2012) The Spanish complementizer system. Current affiliation: The University of Manchester, UK (formerly Villanova University).

Hsu-Te Cheng (2013) Argument Ellipsis, Classifier Phrases, and the DP Parameter. Current affiliation: Emory University.

José Riqueros Morante (2013) Spanish nominal(ization) patterns. Current affiliation: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and Universidad de Lima.

Jelena Runić (2014) A new look at clitics, clitic doubling, and argument ellipsis: Evidence from Slavic. Current affiliation: Johns Hopkins University (formerly University of Massachusetts Lowell).

Jungmin Kang (2014) On the absence of TP and its consequences: Evidence from Korean. Stony Brook University (formerly Washington University in St. Louis).

Shigeki Taguchi (2015) Syntactic operations on heads and their theoretical implications. Current affiliation: Shinshu University, Japan.

Tsuyoshi Sawada (2015) Pleonastic merger. (Formerly Nanzan University).

Yoshiyuki Shibata (2015) Exploring syntax from the interfaces. Deceased.

Neda Todorović (2016) On the Presence/Absence of TP Cross-linguistically: Syntactic Properties and Temporal Interpretations. Current affiliation: University of Toronto (formerly University of British Columbia, Vancouver).

Yuta Sakamoto (2017) Escape from Silent Syntax. Current affiliation: Meiji University, Tokyo.

Aida Talić (2017) From A to N and Back: Functional and Bare Projections in the Domain of N and A. Current affiliation: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Troy Messick (2017) The Morphosyntax of Self-ascription: A Cross-linguistic Study. Current affiliation: Rutgers University.

Yong Suk Yoo (2018) Mobility in syntax: On contextuality in labeling and phases. Current affiliation: Korean Naval Academy.

Ryosuke Hattori (2019) Null operators and parameter setting. Current affiliation: Kobe Gakuin University, Japan.

Adrian Stegovec (2019) Person on the edge: Lessons from crosslinguistic variation in syntactic person restrictions. Current affiliation: University of Connecticut.

Marcin Dadan (2019) Head Labeling Preference and Language Change. Current affiliation: University of Iowa (formerly University of Florida).

Vanessa Petroj (2020) Ignoring Language Barriers: Romanian-Serbian Code-Switching (co-supervised). Current affiliation: Bryn Mawr College (formerly Oregon State University).

Renato Lacerda (2020) Middle-field Syntax and Information Structure in Brazilian Portuguese. Current affiliation: University of São Paulo.

Yuta Tatsumi (2021) Linguistic realization of measuring and counting in the nominal domain: A cross-linguistic study of syntactic and semantic variations. Current affiliation: Meikai University.

Yoshiki Fujiwara (2022) Movement approach to ellipsis. Current affiliation: Yale University.

Hiromune Oda (2022) The NP/DP-language distinction as a scale and parameters in Minimalism. Current affiliation: University of Tokyo.